How To: Claim your PWDR Tokens from the LGE

Hello Mountaineers! For those of you that participated in our Liquidity Generation Event (LGE), here’s how to claim your PWDR Tokens.

The process to claim tokens is very simple, but it requires manual action to get your PWDR tokens, they will not be airdropped to your wallet. You will not be able to Claim your PWDR until the LGE officially ends, at 6:00pm UTC/10:00am PT on Sat. Dec 19th.

How to Claim Your PWDR

Step 1: Visit the Altitude LGE Page

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet

  • Click the “Connect” button to connect any of our Web3 compatible wallets.
  • Ensure that you connect the same ETH wallet address that was used to contribute to the LGE with
  • If the page looks somehow broken or shows “0” for values, you have not successfully connected a wallet that was used to contribute to the LGE
  • Note: we have heard from some community members about difficulties connecting wallets on iOS devices. For best results, we recommend using a desktop browser. If using iOS, use WalletConnect and mobile Safari, not the built-in browser within the Metamask app.

Step 3: Click “Claim”

  • Click the “Claim” button
  • The amount that your connected wallet contributed to the LGE will be shown on the page
  • You will need to confirm the transaction on your Web3 wallet (eg: Metamask). A “0 ETH” transaction confirmation similar to the one shown below will appear. Click Confirm with a reasonable amount of Gas to transfer the PWDR tokens to your wallet. A small gas fee will apply, like all ethereum transactions.
  • The PWDR tokens will be sent to your wallet after the transaction is confirmed on the chain. This will likely occur within seconds, but could take up to a few minutes depending on network traffic.
  • If you are eligible for any NFT PWDR Boards (by contributing 15–20 ETH to the LGE), your NFT will also be transferred to you in this process
  • Note: After claiming your LGE PWDR, you might notice our Web UI indicate that you have no tokens contributed into LGE. This is because we’ve unlocked and transferred your PWDR. Don’t panic… you’ll get your PWDR within a few seconds.

Step 3B: Add the token to your wallet for visibility

  • If your wallet does not automatically show new tokens, you may need to manually add the contract address.
  • At the bottom of your Assets list in Metamask, click “Add Token”. Click “Custom Token”. Enter the PWDR Contract address of 0x35557BDA8c1eB81E2924AF07cCCcB9608e2E4A9b

Power Users

If using a front-end isn’t your cup of tea, you can call the ‘claim’ function on contract to claim your PWDR and NFTs.


If you’re having difficulties or have questions, the best place to reach out is the #help-desk channel on our Discord.

Once Altitude is activated after the LGE ends, the token will be live on Uniswap for exchange if you’d like to buy or sell.

Altitude Discord:
Altitude Telegram:

Altitude (PWDR) is an evolutionary cryptocurrency that is pushing the limits of DeFi